V+O Vision and values


We are honest.

We are honest with ourselves, with the team we are part of, the customers and the community around us. We have learned to say honestly what we think. We are loyal to the communities we belong to and we are open to new perspectives. We believe that the DNA of our organization has been formed around honesty and we put transparency at the forefront in all the projects we carry out.

femeie corporate care exprima sinceritatea


We are one.

We have grown into a passionate, diverse and creative team. We act as part of a whole and we are formed around the idea of caring for eachother. We act together, building and sharing a variety of experiences that complement us both personally and as a team. Together we know that we can do more and we think as far as our imagination goes.

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We take responsibility.

We design projects and ideas that inspire, motivate and challenge communities to interact with the brands we represent in the most positive way possible. We are trend vectors for the communities in which we operate, we implement projects with a positive impact on the present and the future and we are committed to treating our customer’s reputation  in the same way we treat ours.

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We are ethical.

Integrity is an unwavering principle that guides all the actions we take, regardless of the context in which we find ourselves. It is an asset we are proud of. It is a value that we do not negotiate in our work, in our behavior as professionals and as business partners. By acting with great honesy and integrity, through our shared commitment to ethical behavior, we can build and maintain trust with our partners and customers.

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Every decision we make, every strategy and every service is anchored in our values.