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We are communication catalysts.

We position, strengthen and support brands, businesses and institutions to develop, depending on the nature of the business, the context or other required criteria.

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We are a team of professionals.

Talented and passionate, a group of creative colleagues, who are constantly looking for new ideas, open to perspectives, can change perceptions and generate growth.

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We function in all contexts.

Especially in crisis situations. We have crisis management in DNA, we are used to the unusual and we manage absolutely any contexts out of the normal sphere of business.

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V+O Experience

In fifteen years we have become an integrated, independent and leading communication agency in the EMEA region. With over 130 employees, 110 clinets and over 250 million consumers, we aim to be the strategic partner for every company, institution or non-governmental organization.



Happy Client




„We are honest, united, ethical and we will lead you to involvement, success and change.".”

Our Fun Facts

Over 2500+ work completed
& still counting


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Our philosophy

  • We create, inspire and make an impact.
  • We are constantly growing, developing and moving forward.
  • We raise questions, challenge, debate and explore.
  • We tell captivating stories, create conversations and generate interactive content.
  • We work efficiently across multiple channels, industries, countries and disciplines.
  • We are committed to meeting our customers expectations in their efforts to succeed.
  • We make changes and produce tangible results.
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